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This is a summary of all of the components within Matomo which may affect your privacy in some way. Please keep in mind third party Themes, Plugins or Apps may introduce privacy concerns not listed here.

Privacy for users being tracked by Matomo

In this section we document how to protect the privacy of visitors who are tracked by your Matomo analytics service.

Anonymise visitor IP addresses

By default, Matomo stores the visitor IP address (IPv4 or IPv6 format) in the database for each new visitor. If a visitor has a static IP address this means her browsing history can be easily identified across several days and even across several websites tracked within the same Matomo server. You can anonymize IP addresses to ensure visitors cannot be tracked this way: How to anonymise IP addresses.

Delete old visitors logs

By default, Matomo stores tracked data forever. To better respect the privacy of your users, it is recommended to regularly purge old data. You can configure Matomo to automatically delete log data older than a specified number of months: How to delete old visitors log data.

Include a tracking Opt-Out feature on your site

In your website, we recommended providing an easy way for your visitors to “opt-out” of being tracked by Matomo. You can use the Opt-Out feature to display a link your website that sets a special browser cookie (matomo_ignore) when clicked. Visitors that click that link will be ignored by Matomo in the future: How to include a tracking opt-out iframe.

Respect DoNotTrack preference

Do Not Track is a browser-level technology and policy proposal that lets visitors opt out of tracking by websites they do not visit. Visitors can enable this preference in their browser, and then it's up to Matomo to respect it. By default, Matomo is configured to ignore visitors that have enabled it: [How to check if your Matomo respects DoNotTrack.] (

Disable tracking cookies

A cookie is a collection of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer and accesses each time the visitor returns. By default, Matomo uses cookies to aid in tracking visitor behavior. If someone gains access to a visitor's computer, they could learn a few things about how the visitor visited your website. For many websites, this isn't a problem, but for others where a strong level of privacy is required (like online banking), disabling tracking cookies may be a good idea: How to disable tracking cookies.

Keep your visitors details private

Any user that has at least view access (the default access level) to Matomo can view detailed information for all users tracked in Matomo (such as their IP addresses, visitor IDs, details of all past visits and actions, etc.) through features provided by the Live plugin (such as the Visitor Log and Visitor Profile). As the Matomo administrator, you may decide that not all of your users need access to this data. You can deactivate the Live plugin to prevent users from viewing visitor details in the Administration > Plugins page.

Privacy for Matomo admins and website owners

In this section we document how a Matomo administrator can better protect their own privacy.

Keep your Matomo server URL private

By default, the Matomo Javascript code on all tracked websites contains the Matomo server URL. In some cases you might want to hide this Matomo URL completely while still tracking all websites in your Matomo instance. To hide your Matomo server's URL, you can modify the Javascript Tracking code and point it to a proxy piwik.php script instead of your actual Matomo server: How to keep Matomo server URL private.

Automatic update check

From time to time, Matomo uses to check if the current version of Matomo is the latest version of Matomo. If an update is available, a notification is displayed allowing you to upgrade Matomo. To disable the update check, and stop your instance from sending HTTP requests to, deactivate the "Automatic update" feature by setting enable_auto_update = 0 in your configuration file config/config.ini.php.

Learn more about Privacy in Matomo.