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* Adds PHP CS with a basic config

* automatically check coding style for pull requests

* Disallow usage of eval & create_function and force using Common::safe_unserialize instead of unserialize

* Forbid inline control structures

* fix test
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="matomo">
<description>Matomo Coding Standard</description>
<arg name="extensions" value="php" />
<!-- Forbid other line endings than \n -->
<rule ref="Generic.Files.LineEndings">
<property name="eolChar" value="\n" />
<!-- Forbid short open tags -->
<rule ref="Generic.PHP.DisallowShortOpenTag.Found" />
<!-- Forbid inline control structures -->
<rule ref="Generic.ControlStructures.InlineControlStructure" />
<!-- Forbid some functions that should not be used (directly) -->
<rule ref="Generic.PHP.ForbiddenFunctions">
<property name="forbiddenFunctions" type="array">
<element key="eval" value="null"/>
<element key="create_function" value="null"/>
<element key="unserialize" value="\Piwik\Common::safe_unserialize"/>
<!-- still allow those functions in tests -->

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