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Matomo product features

Get all your favourite standard features as well as enhanced features to maximise conversions in new ways.


Understand the true value of your content and create clearer user pathways that impact your business. Learn more.


Understand who your customers are and get comprehensive insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviours. Learn more.


A goal, otherwise known as a conversion, is the measure of a successful action that you want your visitors to take. Learn more.


In a glance you will learn the steps your users go through to the desired outcomes you want them to achieve. Learn more.

Custom Reports

Choose from over 200 dimensions and metrics to get the insights you need as well as various visualisation options. Learn more.


Heatmaps shows you visually where your visitors try to click, move the mouse and how far down they scroll on each page. Learn more.

Form Analytics

Identify and fix pain points on the forms that are most important to the success of your business. Learn more.

Media Analytics

Get powerful insights to discover how your users engage with your video and audio content to maximise your success. Learn more.

Paid Ads Performance

Invest confidently in the right keywords and target the right customers for your PPC campaigns. Learn more.

"Matomo is a treasure trove of information. For those that like to delve into the analytics, this is your tool. On top of the usual analytics, Matomo also includes the option for heat mapping so you can see where your users are looking on individual pages and then use that information to increase sales and conversions. The team at Matomo have also been very helpful in setting up the tool and providing support whenever it was needed."

Andrew Arnold | Marketing & Digital Manager at YMCA

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