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Host Matomo On-Premise or Cloud

Is Matomo On-Premise or Cloud-hosting right for you? Both options give you full data ownership and respect for user privacy.

Have on-going support and we’ll take care of the hosting for you. Simply sign up and start tracking right away.

Have maximum flexibility with self-hosted web analytics on your terms. Requires technical knowledge and a server.

On-Premise/Cloud hosting comparison table

Cloud Hosting On-Premise
Benefits of Matomo On-Premise

Host Matomo on your servers

Take full control of how you host Matomo - a big bonus for data sensitive businesses

You choose which country where your data is stored

Matomo's secure server is based in Germany and follows EU laws for the Cloud

Free to download and use

Cloud packages start from USD$19.00 per month

Fully customisable and extensible

No data limits whatsoever

Though we try to meet the needs for all data set sizes for our Cloud users, with On-Premise the sky is the limit!

Benefits of the Matomo Cloud

Easy to setup - no technical knowledge needed

To setup and maintain Matomo On-Premises requires technical knowledge

Same setup process as Google Analytics

If you want to setup and manage Matomo like your other favourite analytics tool, then the Cloud may be the best option for you.

Automatically updates

We take care of all the maintenance and updates for you with Cloud hosting, while hosting On-Premise requires ongoing maintenance

Save time and money

When you Cloud host Matomo you will save time on setup, maintenance and monitoring.


All Matomo's Complete Analytics features are available
Matomo Marketplace for individual features

Have the option to purchase individual features when using On-Premise

Includes Support from the Matomo team

Support subscriptions are an additional paid option for On-Premise users though free community support through the forums is available.

Enterprise packages

We cater for both On-Premise and Cloud hosted Enterprises

Benefits of both hosting options

Can migrate data from one hosting option to the other

Switch at anytime

No data sampling

All data is 100% accurate regardless of what hosting option you choose

100% data ownership

User-privacy protection

GDPR compliant

Reliable & Secure

On-Premise reliablity and security relies entirely on you and the security you have in place for your servers. Through the Matomo Cloud we take care of all this and ensure there are backups, monitoring etc.

Matomo has been downloaded

Want to get started with Matomo On-Premise?

With the know-how, getting started with Matomo On-Premise may not be as complicated as it may seem. There are many ways to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Before you know it, you’ll own your data, have no data restrictions and be on your way to gaining the insights you need to make better data-driven decisions.

Make the most of our resources to get you up to speed with hosting Matomo On-Premise:

Considering Cloud-hosting instead?

Try Matomo Cloud out for FREE for 21 days!

The Cloud-hosted service of Matomo (formerly Piwik) provides you with a secure, cost-effective and reliable analytics solution, while still allowing you to have full control and ownership of your data and privacy.

If you have a WordPress website, you can now host Matomo Analytics on your WordPress website easily with no technical knowledge required. You simply need to install it in a few clicks. Click here if you would like to self-host your Matomo on your WordPress for free.

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